top left: Colosseum, Italy; top right: Neuschwanstein castle, bottom left: ceiling of the Church of All Saints, Russia; bottom right: Paris at night

Veronica Shapovalov

Veronica Shapovalov

Office: SH 228C
Phone: (619) 594-7147
Email: [email protected]

Professor Veronica Shapovalov teaches courses in the European Studies Program and the Russian Program.  She has recently taught the course Europe and Terrorism. 

Veronica Shapovalov’s field of research includes women and children in the Gulag, women’s memoirs, and images of women in Russian literature.  Veronica Shapovalov compiled, translated, and edited the book Remembering the Darkness: Women in Soviet Prisons (Rowman & Littlefield, 2001). She publishes her research both in Russia and in the United States. 


  • Ph.D.. (Russian Studies) University of Illilnois, Champaign-Urbana 
  • M.A. (English Literature) University of Illinois, Springfield (former Sangamon State University)
  • Diploma, (English Literature) Leninrad State University

«Бунт еще весь не прожит» : автонекролог Евгении Ярославской-Маркон. (TheRebellionisnotOver”: Auto-obituaryofYevgeniyaYaroslavskaya-Markon) in Вестник Тверского государственного университета.  Серия: История (Herald of Tver State University, History), 2, 2014.

Сестренки, мамки, дамки: женщины и насилие в Гулаге. (Sisters, Moms, Broads: Women and Violence in the GULAG) in Бытовое насилие в истории российской повседневности  (ХI-XXIвв.) (Everyday violence in the history of Russian everyday life. 11th-21st centuries)  Evropeiskii Universitet v Sankt-Peterburge, 2012.

Children of the Enemies of the People: “We all came from our childhood”, Gulag Studies # 4 2011.

Лагерь как образ жизни:  женские лагерные мемуары (The Labor Camp as a Way of Living: Women's Camp Memoirs) inСоциальнаяистория. Ежегодник.  Женскаяи.гендернаяистория.(Social History. Yearbook Women and Gender History) Moskva, POSSPEN, 2003

Remembering the Darkness: Women in Soviet Prisons, Rowman & Littlefield, 2001.