top left: Colosseum, Italy; top right: Neuschwanstein castle, bottom left: ceiling of the Church of All Saints, Russia; bottom right: Paris at night

Mathias Schulze

Mathias SchulzeOffice: SH 211C | Phone: (619) 594-0958 | Email: [email protected]

Mathias Schulze is the director of the Language Acquisition Resource Center and a professor of German Language and Literature in the Department of European Studies. He was born in Finsterwalde in Germany. He did his teacher training for German and Russian in Leipzig (Germany) and Kaluga (Russia) and got his PhD in Language Engineering (Applied Linguistics) from the University of Manchester Institute for Science and Technology (UMIST). For ten years, Mat worked at universities in Sunderland and Manchester (England) and for sixteen years at the University of Waterloo (Canada), where he was the director of the Waterloo Centre for German Studies. He was the co-editor of the CALICO Journal (on computer-assisted language learning (CALL)) for eight years. CALL is also his main area of research. His research interests are in language education and social bilingualism. He maintains two personal blogs: and