Russian Studies

Why Study Russian?

Our program offers a variety of courses in Russian language, literature, and culture. Students can pursue a major or minor in Russian. A major or minor in Russian is an excellent preparation for careers in law, government, international relations, business, education, and medicine. National research has shown that students who study Russian have a much higher acceptance rate into graduate and professional programs of study. For careers in international business, students may choose the International Business Major with emphasis on Russian. Students may select a double major from many other subjects such as political science, international security and conflict resolution, history, geography, etc.

We are committed to working with all students who want to learn Russian.

Russian is one of the most widely used languages in the world today. About one-third of all scientific articles are published in Russian. Some of the world’s great literature has been produced by Russian writers such as Tolstoy, Chekhov, and Solzhenitsyn. The political impact of the Commonwealth of Independent States is felt internationally. Knowledge of Russian will provide students with a better understanding of one of the world’s important and influential countries.

The Russian program offers a wide range of courses, including specialized courses in literature and linguistics. This major is useful preparation for graduate programs in international trade, international law, librarianship, public administration, and journalism. This program requires intensive scholarly investigation and may prepare students for careers in which fluency in Russian is essential.

Knowledge of Russian, particularly when combined with business related courses, is becoming a valuable asset. Many American firms have opened offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the volume of American trade with Russia has been growing at a rapid pace.

As a result, there are indications of an expanding interest in Russian graduates by American business organizations with employment possibilities in the United States and Russia. Moreover, students may consider the option of pursuing a double major in another European language.

Other career possibilities include Russian specialists, generally employed by the federal government: high school teachers, librarians, translators, and interpreters.

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