top left: Colosseum, Italy; top right: Neuschwanstein castle, bottom left: ceiling of the Church of All Saints, Russia; bottom right: Paris at night


There are many opportunities available for scholarships for all current and prospective students.  Scholarships are not always based upon financial aid, but rather on criteria such as major, academic excellence, and career plans.  Many scholarships often go unclaimed becuase people fail to apply for them.  We encourage you to apply for as many scholarships as possible. 

A number of scholarships are available to students in the Department of European Studies.The majority of SDSU scholarships are administered through the SDSU Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. Learn more about scholarships at SDSU.

SDSU Scholarships

  • Dorothy E. Knott Endowment Scholarship
  • Henri and Jeanne Ghilbert Scholarship (French only)
  • Gianangelo Vergani Italian Endowed Scholarship (Italian only)
  • College of Arts & Letters Scholarship
  • SDSU College of Arts and Letters Alumni Chapter Scholarship

Study Abroad Scholarships 

Outside Scholarships

Eligibility: U.S. citizens of Italian descent in their junior or senior year of undergraduate study for the Fall 2020 term, majoring or minoring in Italian language studies at an accredited academic institution.

Deadline: February 28, 2020

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