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German Lecturer Felicitas Jaima presents the DEI changes she made to her courses through the CIE grant she received last year.



These videos are a brief overview of the innovation in accessibility and principles of Universal Design introduced in the first two semesters of Italian online asynchronous courses, ITAL 100A and ITAL100B, taught by Silvia Kading and Sonia Brighenti respectively in the Department of European Studies, to better serve the learning needs of SDSU diverse community of students.

Building accessibility into our courses is much more than just a legal requirement, good course design helps everyone. While in this process of increasing accessibility, the parallel goal was to integrate and enrich the content to reflect a more diverse and inclusive representation of contemporary Italian society, in line with the mission of the Italian Studies Program at SDSU.

The revisions were made possible thanks to a $4,000 mini grant from the Center for Inclusive Excellence Equity Program awarded in 2021.