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Russian Studies

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Summer Russian Intensive Immersion Program

Since 2008, SDSU Russian Program has collaborated with Language Acquisition Resource Center to host Summer Intensive Immersion Language Training in three critical languages: Arabic, Persian (Farsi), and Russian. The program covers a full year (two semesters, 10 units) of Beginning Russian in 6 weeks, and two years (four semesters, 20 units) of Beginning and Intermediate Russian in 11 weeks.

Through the use of authentic materials and the expertise of native-speaking instructors, the students are exposed to a wide variety of topics and rapidly build linguistic and cultural fluency in the Russian language. Outside the classroom, students participate in organized in-language activities including sports games, cooking Russian food, singing, and attending lectures by visiting guest lecturers.

High School students (16+ years old), undergraduate and graduate students, working professionals, college and university faculty, and others, may apply.

This program is also available for ROTC Project GO students who receive funding to complete Russian Intensive through Department of Defense Initiative.