European Studies

Study Abroad

Studying abroad offers students the unique opportunity to not only enhance their linguistic competencies, but to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of a foreign culture. Through course work, extracurricular activities and the adventures of daily life in a foreign country, students will come away from their experience with a more complex and real world understanding of their host country and its culture.

All majors are required to complete a minimum of 6 units in an approved study abroad in a European country.  

Information about other programs can be found at the SDSU Office of International Programs.

Christina Clopton"Participating in the European Studies department allowed me to work closely with professors with relevant experience in the field. I was given an opportunity to expand my own experiences through the study abroad program and an internship in Italian studies. The courses were diverse and focused on practical knowledge and critical thinking, providing a solid foundation for my graduate studies and career working with international students." 
-Christina Clopton (class of 2013)

Mikayla Sibner"My study abroad experience was important to me because I was able to live the day to day life of a real French student and experience a culture that is different than that in the US." 
-Mikayla Sibner (class of 2014)

Meghri Sarkissian"There's so much pride and courage in being an exchange student and the atmosphere here on Mannheim encompasses all of those feelings. It's been one of the best decisions I've made to study abroad." 
-Meghri Sarkissian

Lolitta Karaoglanova"Studying in Oxford was an educating, wonderful and unforgettable experience that allowed me to learn so much more about myself, it opened my eyes to the new world of academic and personal development. Meeting wonderful professors and many other interesting people with different backgrounds gave me an opportunity to see the world through new eyes and to appreciate the richness that it has to offer."
-Lolitta Karaoglanova

Scholarship Opportunities

Don’t miss out on the numerous study abroad scholarship opportunities available. Visit our scholarships page or the CAL Study Abroad Scholarships page to learn about SDSU scholarships, as well as external scholarships and grants.