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French and Francophone Studies  #frenchiseverywhere

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Interdisciplinary Studies in Three Departments

Students selecting French as one of their departments in this major must complete all lower division preparation for the major or equivalent competency, and choose from among French 301, 305A, 305B, 421 and 422.

Language Requirement for the B.A. Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Students electing the study of French to fulfill the language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal arts and sciences must successfully complete French 201 or 210 or the equivalent level of competency. The usual sequence of course-work is French 100A, 100B, 201, 210, and 221. Refer to section of catalog on “Graduation Requirements” for additional ways to satisfy competency.

Information subject to change or error. For most accurate information, please see the SDSU general catalog for a full list of requirements.

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