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French and Francophone Studies  #frenchiseverywhere

Study Abroad

All French majors are required to complete an approved study abroad program in a French-speaking country consisting of a minimum of six units (90 hours). However, French majors are strongly encouraged to complete a more extensive abroad experience by participating in a semester or an academic year program.

To fulfill the International Experience Requirement, French majors must enroll in a study abroad program approved by the department. Unapproved study abroad programs will not meet the international experience requirement for the major.  To learn more, please contact Dr. Edith Benkov, International Programs Coordinator, at [email protected].

Semester and Year-Long Study Abroad Programs

There are two CSU-IP programs, one in Paris and one in Aix-en Provence, France. They are year-long programs. All units earned count as SDSU resident credit. Most units should count toward your program of study in French. Course level, titles, and grades will appear on your transcripts after a certain time has elapsed and some paperwork has been completed. Grades are included in your GPA. Contact the French program director to fill out a form after you return to SDSU and your transcripts have been updated to include your study abroad grades. A student visa is required as the stay exceeds 90 days.

SDSU Exchange programs are reciprocal partnerships with foreign universities allowing students to study at another university and pay home tuition and fees. Participants generally enroll in regular classes (taught in English or host language) and integrate into mainstream campus life.

SDSU students will pay their normal tuition and fees and earn resident credits generally on a credit/no credit (pass/fail) basis. Financial Aid is applicable and operates as normal.


ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) ISEP is a non-profit network of universities to which SDSU is a member, which provides SDSU students additional study abroad program options. ISEP offers diverse program structures in a variety of destinations unavailable in other program types.

On the ISEP Exchange track students pay regular SDSU tuition and fees while on the ISEP Direct track students pay fees to the ISEP organization.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Other Study Abroad Programs

To browse the numerous other study abroad opportunities available at SDSU, visit Aztecs Abroad, the database of all pre-approved study abroad programs. From short-term, semester and year long study abroad programs, international internships, service-learning or research opportunities, SDSU provides hundreds of options for students to incorporate an international experience into their SDSU experience.

Scholarship Opportunities

Don’t miss out on the numerous study abroad scholarship opportunities available. Visit our scholarships page or the CAL Study Abroad Scholarships page to learn about SDSU scholarships, as well as external scholarships and grants.